The Magic of Owning a Home


Family Home INSPECTOR: standard Illustrator CS3 brush used real estate vector free stock illustrations

Studies show that homeownership has tremendous benefits for your mindset, finances and family. Here are some reasons why it pays to own your home now.

  • The average homeowner has 44 times the net worth of a renter.
  • Buying a home is 33% cheaper than renting in the United States.
  • Homeowners can often deduct property taxes, mortgage interest and home improvement costs from their taxes, saving money during tax time.
  • 75% of non-homeowners in the United States consider buying a home to be part of their American dream, and they plan to jump in eventually.
  • Buying a home is a rite-of-passage, that, once achieved, is proven to increase an individual’s satisfaction with life.
  • Homeownership leads to more engaged communities, since an owner has a more personal investment in the neighborhood’s well-being.
  • Kids of homeowners tend to do better in school, helping them make more money as adults and eventually buy a home for themselves.
  • Homeownership contributes to overall economic growth, making up nearly 18% of the economy.

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